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Fantasy Football Season-Long Money Leagues

Take your fantasy football to the next level with DataForce real money games. These are traditional, season-long cash leagues, from inexpensive $20 off-season practice drafts to $1000 high-stakes leagues. Best prize payouts in the fantasy football industry!

Generous Prize Return Held In Trust

DataForce is proud to offer the best prize payouts you'll find in any pay leagues, anywhere. Check out how we compare to the competition at Cheat Sheet Warroom! We provide six levels of contests in our Season-Long Leagues, from $20 to $1000, and charge only a flat $12 commissioner fee for copper through silver leagues (slightly more for ruby, gold and platinum). If you choose a league running on, there is an additional $6 hosting fee, and all leagues have a small regulatory fee now that we've entered the age of fantasy football regulation by several states. All other money goes into the prize fund! Prize money held in trust fund

Prizes Held In An Audited Trust Fund

DataForce is a licensed operator, meeting the regulatory requirements of several state boards. But we go even further. For your protection, all player funds are safeguarded in an audited Fidelity fund, and paid out within days of the end of the fantasy season. Invest and play with confidence that your prize money is secure!