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Fantasy Football Playoff Leagues

Looking for simply the best fantasy football experience anywhere?

DataForce offers a wide variety of season-long, NFL fantasy football money games for you to join in our lobby, including NFL playoff leagues. These leagues all contain six teams of fourteen players, and all leagues share a similar set of rules for player scoring.

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DataForce offers a choice of two platforms:

DataForce Fantasy Football's own hosting software provides a simple, friendly user interface that integrates nicely with DataForce tools, such as trade reviews and The Wonk. offers sprawling, robust software with intergration to many more 3rd-party analysis tools.

Best prize payouts in the fantasy football industry!

Generous Prize Return

DataForce is proud to offer the best fantasy football experience on the internet with the best prize payouts you'll find anywhere. We offer three levels of contests in our Playoff Leagues, from $50 to $200, plus a small regulatory fee now that we've entered the age of fantasy football regulation by several states.

Live drafts and email drafts available.

Playoff Roster

  • 2 Quarterbacks
  • 2 Running backs
  • 4 Wide Receivers
  • 2 Tight Ends
  • 2 Kickers
  • 2 Defense/ST

What Is a Playoff League?

NFL playoff fantasy contests offer a unique challenge, because you must not only draft productive players, you must also choose players that you think will last deep into the playoffs. Each contest lasts for the duration of the NFL playoffs, and each player you draft onto your fantasy team contributes stats for as long as his team remains in the NFL playoffs, so stay away from those one-and-done playoff teams!

All drafts take place in the week before the first round of NFL playoffs.